Hey, Rottweilers might be technically German but we can give them a run for their money by producing equally great Rottweilers! No doubt, untypical and poorly constructed specimens are everywhere. King Rottweilers is the best! James is a very good breeder and was very accomodating when it comes to the rottweilers puppies! With our selective breeding process with World Champion Pedigrees we can guarantee that our Rottweiler Puppies are healthy, proper temperament and confirmation correct. There kennels are second to none and just looked really clean except for the boys knocking over there food bowls. Due to the COVID19 restrictions the pickup of the puppy was very quick but James was friendly and. Thank you so very happy with our new addition to our family. Rare Rottweilers. These questions stem from a common misconception that American and German Rottweilers are fundamentally different breeds. Selecting a good breeder is one of the best and easiest way to find a healthy and purebred Rottweiler puppy. Thank you so very much for calling out the only difference between “German & American Rottweilers” I have been asked or told that so many times and each time my answer is …..”where was your Rottie born, Germany or America?” if Germany then you can safely say your Rottie is a German Rottweiler. The dogs were known in German as Rottweiler Metzgerhund, meaning Rottweil butchers' dogs, because their main use was to herd livestock and pull carts laden with butchered meat to market. Sure, the breeders using these descriptions of their dogs may expound on the "German" or "American" physical or personality characteristics of their line and note substantial differences — particularly size, head shape, and even temperament — but they're all … The ADRK or Allegemeiner Deutscher Rottweiler- Klub is the German “equivalent” (and I use that term loosely) of the AKC or American Kennel Club. In the end with James advice we spent $38.00 and time.James is the real deal, he loves his Rotties and it clearly shows. The experience, knowledge and skill King Rottweilers has shown in the breeding quality of my dog is beyond my expectation. home. So, you might see some ‘purebred Rottweilers’ which have white markings instead of rust-colored ones or perpetually wrinkled foreheads instead of flat-skinned ones. Also, they tend to be shorter than the German breed. They sport a short, predominately black coat with markings that range from tan to red to russet. So, we always clarify that technically as per official breed standards set out by the ADRK ( Deutscher Rottweiler-Klub, there is only one kind of Rottweiler: “A Correct One”. But that isn’t what determines the size of his head, the quality of his hips, or the type of temperament he has. Over the last 10 years we have purchased 3 Rottweilers from King Rottweilers. King Rottweilers are the best. With the American Kennel Club, you can register and breed any Rottweiler with papers. is music to your German Rottweiler's ears. People tend to think that there’s something wrong with them or that they are not purebred, but the fact is that they are only really rare. Here at King Rottweilers, we offer a 2-year free puppy replacement guarantee and a lifetime guarantee (up to 10 years) for hereditary defects in our health contract. We have adopted two puppies from him on seperate occasions and each time James was professional, full of advice and friendly. So, we always clarify that, technically as per official breed standards, there is only one kind of Rottweiler: a correct one. Such poorly bred dogs are usually the products of backyard breeders and puppy mills, which unethical practices, should be condemned. I have seen many Rottweilers but these are just outstanding and great examples of the breed, keep up the hard work James will recommend you to anyone after good solid. Dona of Nicola's Lion has come to us in a very common way. We are extremely happy with the puppy. These dogs are truly incredible.Pictures are Yeager at 6 months and 8 weeks. We also hope that we’ve convinced you to only patronize reputable breeders to avoid encouraging puppy mills and maintaining the integrity of the Rottweiler breed in the USA. Clearly was not a rush job right before a customer comes.Puppy picks and pick up was a breeze. The process of purchasing a Rottweiler puppy from King Rottweilers went very smooth. You can check out the entire list of the possible defects we test for here. I told him that he was in error since Bronco was born and raised right here on Long Island , … To help maintain the integrity of the Rottweiler as a breed and to put unethical puppy mills and backyard breeders out of business, you should be aware of what a correct Rottweiler should look like and only buy puppies from reputable breeders. James was responsive and easy to deal with. We received Oakley about a month ago from Von Dickey Rottweilers and she has been outstanding- everything we could want in a dog! We recently got our puppy, Luke. Copyright © 2020 RottweilerHQ | All Rights Reserved, The German Rottweiler and American Rottweiler Explored. Then the all knowing individual I was speaking to proceeded to explain to me that German Rotties were shorter, stockier and have a bigger blockier head, and American Rotties … First Rott is an male Imported rottweiler from Germanythe Second one is a Female Rottweiler from Georgia U.S.my two baby's While we were unable to travel to personally pick out our puppy we must have called James 10 times and spend countless hours on the phone with him. Rottweiler is the only official name for the dog breed we love the most here in Fere Perfectum kennel. Hey Briana, thanks for stopping by! Our pup is currently 75lbs and 6 months and a good pup. We are ethical Rottweiler breeders and subscribe to the American Kennel Club Standard, The Colonial Rottweiler Club and Medallion Rottweiler Club Codes of Ethics. Bought my Rottweiler from here about 6 weeks ago. King Rottweilers have excellent service and we are glad we got our puppy from them. I cannot say enough how pleased we are with James and his breeding program! In order to understand these dog breeds today and the reputation surrounding them it is important to understand their past and where they came from. Not to mention, good breeders will not only supply you with a healthy puppy. If your Rottweiler was born … I really enjoyed my experience here! His communication is excellent!We highly recommend James and King Rottweilers for your next puppy. Of course all three needed proper training as no puppy is going to be perfect right out of the box. Amazing man that looks at quality more then anything in this breed. So glad we took his advice, all three of our pups have been extremely healthy.We did have one minor issue with our second pup so we had to call James for his advise. "Sitz!" Generally, any Rottweiler born in the US is an American Rottie while those born in Germany are the German Rotties and the ones born in Serbia are Serbian Rottweilers. If you want to get technical about it, all Rottweilers are German because the breed originated from Germany. Thus, Rottweilers with numerous physical and temperamental diversions from the breed standards are still made to breed with each other resulting to more ‘faulty’ dogs. Works hard to breed a great bloodline. They made me feel extremely comfortable and confident in choosing my family's puppy. Would recommend King Rottweilers to anyone is thinking of buying a Rottweiler, i have recently bought a puppy and they are so accommodating to your needs, We recently purchased a puppy from King Rottweilers. Let’s put it this way….. they are beautiful dogs and they make great pets very loveable. Nice and very honest. Our first phone call was very eye opening for us as James took the time to educated us on the different health testing we should be looking for when buying a puppy. Aria got sick shortly after we got her and she is by far one of the strongest dogs i have. Thank you both for such a wonderful addition to our family and for making our son's 10th birthday one to remember! Some of the breeds from which the Rottweiler was derived from had white markings on their chest which has been almost eliminated from the Rottweiler breed. Can't wait to see him grow as his parents were some of the biggest I've seen. Nice, knowledgeable and caring. Thus, we produce some of the highly sought-after Rottweiler puppies in the United States. ever witnessed trying to recover, never gave up and Von Dickey was helpful in the information and process. I got my puppy there is from this first litter and he has the biggest stud you ever see a hundred 35 lb and a beautiful dog. They tell you the proper ways to train the puppies to ensure they feel safe in their new home. A pet Rottweiler is nearly the same as a remote which needs to be programmed to work alongside a TV. He goes out of his way to make us feel like we matter! Amazing and knowledgeable breeders with outstanding puppies! Required fields are marked *. One of the first things that you should understand about these dogs is that they love to work. As we followed his advice we could see what he told us to look for and the different phases of the healing process. She is one of the sweetest, most gentle, and intelligent pup we have ever met and we love her dearly! This continued until the mid-19th century when railways replaced droving. Highly recommended! Post author By Clodagh Lambert; Post date December 16, 2020; Helpful Hints For Teaching Your Dog To Listen. The Rottweilers are so loving and we could not have asked for a better breeder to go to! Awesome service. *Note that the presence of other hair colors such as white on the chest automatically counts as a fault. Highly recommend if your looking for a world class Rottweiler and world class people to deal with! The air was free of dog smell and cleaning chemical smells. Rottweilers come from a Roman lineage. Family oriented and wonderful to work with! A German shepherd is no match for the rottweiler, although the german shepherd is smarter. All of them hit those marks and exceeded them!We started this business relationship almost 10 years ago. I highly recommend King Rottweilers if you are looking for a top quality puppy. They were super friendly and helped me understand everything I need to be prepared to get a Rottweiler! Best Rottweiler on the planet. You can find a more comprehensive list of Rottweiler breed faults in their official website. "Komm!" All of email (238 to be exact) have all been answered by replying or a phone call. Another reason why people might be under the impression that American and German Rottweilers are different breeds is that they apply the concept of nationality to dog breeds. He is great to work with! AKC Standard Thanks James for everything. This lead to us opening our home and our hearts to her. In fact, more often than not, they’re at the number 8 spot for popularity. In the American Kennel Club’s ranking of most the popular breeds, the Rottweiler has consistently made the top 10. Some of the markings are located as follows: (a) cheeks, (b) black penciling on toes, (c) under the tail, (d) strip on each side of the muzzle, (e) on throat, (d) inside of rear legs. The potential will there be, nevertheless the human hand is needed to actually manipulate it. We just got our puppy Stella from Scott and Jayme. The German Rottweiler’s legs are straight, close together, and well-muscled with the hind feet longer than the front ones. German Rottweilers have much bigger heads than the American ones." This place is top notch, clean, attentive and very knowledgeable which is very important when being how a puppy. As they bred with local dogs, farmers began using the strong canines to drive their cattle to the marketplace. The ADRK have MUCH higher standards. Dickey Rottweilers has not only given us this wonderful pup but they have helped us greatly while training our first rottweiler. My beautiful forever friend was worth every dollar. So loved and cared for. (509) 477-9300 Pricing is in the Puppy ApplicationPlease do not call asking for pricing. Meanwhile here in the US, the AKC will allow the puppies produced by two faulty Rottweilers to be registered and sold as purebreds. LOL, Thanks for stopping by! This results to some very noticeable variations in the Rottweilers found here which then leads to some thinking that Rottweilers bred in Germany are a different and better kind of Rottweiler than those bred here. Still, you might ask, “Then why do Rottweilers in Germany look different from Rottweilers bred in America?”. King Rottweilers is pleased to announce we have a planned pairing between Rambo and Sissy. The name Rottweiler itself was derived from the word ‘Rottweil’, which is a name of a southwestern German town where the first Rottweilers came from. Yes, but the rottweiler would get badly injured. An American Rottweiler has a few standards as well, though they are not as strict as the German counterparts: Birth Place; A Rottweiler born in America is referred to as an American Rottweiler. of my friends and family considering a dog. Looking At The American Rottweiler For American Rottweiler Vs German Rottweiler Pictures Test. German Rottweiler. I highly recommend King Rottweilers to anyone looking for a Rottweiler! About our Breeding Program We have severalLocations, Roscoe, Illinois, Wilmington North Carolina ( for when it gets cold up there) , and now a new location, St. Augustine, Fl

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